Andy Thorpe is both the oldest and most senior sailor below decks on board the Hammersley.&nbsp

Andrew Thorpe


Andrew 'Andy' Thorpe


Charge, Chargeo






Chief Petty Officer


Chief Engineer

Known Relatives

Helen (Ex-wife) Jamie Thorpe (Son Jessica Thorpe (Daughter)

Portrayed by

John Batchelor

First Appearance

Welcome Aboard

Last Appearance

One Perfect Day

He is the chief engineer of the Hammersley. He joined the Navy as an apprentice at age 16 and has, on and off, spent the past 20 years on Patrol Boats. Andy is a sort of walking manual and history book, for there’s nothing he doesn’t know about diesel engines and the Navy itself. He’s a not-so-old old man of the sea, full of Navy lore and legend. He has a son, named Jamie, who is a Midshipman in the Navy.

In the final episode, it is revealed that at some point he left the navy and become a mining engineer.


In Order of Precedence

Australian Active Service Medal ribbon < Australian Active Service Medal Ribbon

INTERFET Medal ribbon < International Force East Timor Medal

Afghanistan Medal (Australia) ribbon < Afghanistan Medal (Australia)

DLSM with Rosette < Defence Long Service Medal with Rosette

Australian Defence Medal (Australia) ribbon < Australian Defence Medal

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