Season OneEdit

Episode Title
Ep 1. Welcome Aboard
Ep 2. What Lies Beneath
Ep 3. Ghost of Things Past
Ep 4. Irukandji
Ep 5. Under the Radar
Ep 6. Precious Cargo
Ep 7. Rescue Me
Ep 8. Through the Storm
Ep 9. Under the Hammer
Ep 10. Damage Control
Ep 11. Chinese Whispers
Ep 12. Deep Water
Ep 13. Cometh the Hour

Season TwoEdit

Episode Title
Ep 1. The Dogs of War
Ep 2. Fortune Favours
Ep 3. Takedown
Ep 4. Heaven Born Captains
Ep 5. Giving Up the Dead
Ep 6. Birds
Ep 7. Hidden Agendas
Ep 8. Heart of Glass
Ep 9. Shadow Line
Ep 10. Rules of Engagement
Ep 11. A Brilliant Career
Ep 12. Friends Close: Enemies Closer
Ep 13. Soldiers of Fortune

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