HMAS Hammersely is the fictional the patrol boat featured in the TV series Sea Patrol.

Season OneEdit

In the first season, the HMAS Hammersley is a Fremantle class patrol boat, portrayed by the real-life ships HMAS Wollongong and HMAS Ipswich. This boat is scheduled for
HMAS Hammersley - Freo class

The Fremantle class HMAS Hammersley

decommissioning in just 6 months, and her crew, the CO especially are working hard to ensure that she goes out with a bang and her new co is Mike Flynn

Season TwoEdit

From season two onwards, the HMAS Hammersley is an Armidale class patrol boat (portrayed by HMAS Broome and HMAS Launceston), the Fremantle class patrol boats having been decommissioned.

The Armidale class HMAS Hammersley

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