Jessica Bird


Jessica Bird


Gap Girl, Bird








Gap Year later Chef/Assistant Medic

Potrayed by

Danielle Horvat

First Appearance

Night of the Long Knives

Last Appearance

One Perfect Day

Jessica Bird is 17 years old. She finished high school just four months ago and decided, rather than go straight on to university, to sign up for a "gap" year on a navy patrol boat out of Cairns.

It's a long way north and a big change from a comfortable life in Melbourne but this bright and energetic teenager is looking forward to having a break from study, earning real bucks and getting away for some adventure in the tropics. Who knows, if things work out, she may even ditch her dream of being a paramedic and become a navy medic instead.

When we meet her, Bird has been on Hammersley for two months and just loves being away at sea for weeks on end. She'll soon get over that, the boys tell her.

But while she may have come across as a bit of a princess at first, Bird has quickly become Hammersley's favourite daughter. Proving herself to be smart and capable, Bird earns the affection of Kate, who takes her under her wing.

She replaced Billy Webb doing his Boatswain's Mate duties onboard HMAS Hammersley while doing her Gap Year in the RAN. Her first appearance was the first episode of Season 4. Jessica Bird is a young Navy sailor on HMAS Hammersley, after finishing high school she decided to sign up for a gap year on Navy patrol boat. Dutchy and the crew keep her under their wings. Bird is a favourite of the crew to be played pranks on - particularly by 2Dads (Leo). In series five, Bird becomes Hammersley's chef after Rebecca leaves Hammersley after her affair with Leo.

In the final episode of the series, it is revealed that Bird is still serving on Patrol Boats and is training to become a qualified paramedic.