Jim Roth


Jim Roth








Australian SAS Officer

Portrayed By

Ditch Davey

Jim Roth is a Captain in the Australia army's SAS regiment. He made his first appearance in season two, but returns in season five as Hammersly is involved in a series of counter-terrorism raids.

Little is known of Jim's career prior to his first appearance. An SAS trooper, he would have already have had an extensive military career. His position as an officer means that he is an ADFA or RMC (Duntroon) graduate. As seen in series five, Jim has extensive counter-terrorism training which includes bomb disposal skills. This makes him a perfect team leader for ASIO operations.

During season five, he wins the heart of Hammersly's XO Kate McGregor after she breaks off her relationship (yet again) with Mike Flynn. Jim eventually proposes to her. However, this joy is cut short when Jim is killed defusing a bomb during a terrorism raid on Cairns harbour.

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