Lieutenant Kate McGregor, RAN (known as XO) is the Executive Officer of Hammersley, meaning she is second in charge and also doubles up as the Boarding Officer, meaning she leads the boarding party. Throughout the series, she has a on-again, off-again relationship with her CO Mike Flynn. By the end of the series the two reconcile and it is reported that they marry, with Kate expecting their first child.

Kate McGregor


Kate McGregor


XO, X, Ma'am








Executive Officer

Known Relatives

Mike Flynn (husband) Rick Gallagher (boyfriend season 1) Jim Roth (boyfriend season 2)(fiance season 5)

Portrayed by

Lisa McCune

First Appearance

Welcome Aboard

Last Appearance

One Perfect Day

Before Sea PatrolEdit

Kate was nicknamed "Princess Perfect" at ADFA and also won the Sword for Best Navy Cadet in her graduation year. Kate is transferred to Hammersley from the "relative comfort" of big ships and finds the idea of serving on a patrol boat to be "boring". Kate was on HMAS Anzac when it fired on Iraq in 2003, she's an officer on the fast track, the sky's the limit and it's where she is aiming. During her rise, she had a brief affair with then Lieutenant Commander Mike Flynn, and after he broke it off, is confronted with serving as his XO onboard Hammersley.


In Order of Precedence

Australian Active Service Medal < Australian Active Service Medal

Iraq Medal (Australia) < Iraq Medal (Australia)

Australian Defence Medal < Australian Defence Medal

Season OneEdit

Right from the very first episode, Kate clashes with her CO on everything from taking an engine down for maitenance, to Mike's obvious obsession with Bright Island and Dr. Ursula Morrell. She makes it clear that to her, serving on Hammersley is nothing more than a stepping stone on her way to being the Chief of Navy, but after seeing the life that patrol boat service has to offer, she decides to put her future on hold, and stay on Hammersley for a little while longer. During the season, Kate has a brief relationship with Rick Gallagher, but soon finds that he is not the lovable rogue he seems to be, but is in fact selling a dangerous toxin on the black market.

Season TwoEdit

Throughout the second season, Kate struggles with her position of power, and guilt and anger after Charge is stabbed by a mercenary on an FFV boarding. She feels responsible and despite the insistence of Mike, she continues to blame herself. In 'Takedown' Kate finds herself, and Lieutenant Nikki Caetano, taken hostage by three mercenaries on board Hammersley. She and Nikki are rescued at the end of the episode by the rest of the crew. During this season, Kate meets and forms a relationship with SAS Captain Jim Roth, but it becomes clear to Jim that Kate still loves Mike Flynn, and she struggles to keep this secret as she is placed in command of Hammersley after Mike is gravely injured.

Season ThreeEdit

During Season 3, Kate and Mike grow closer, after the tragic death of ET, this leads to more and more romantic tension between them. They are forced to confront their feelings after ex-Lieutenant Geoff Kershaw reveals he knows of their relationship in 'Guns'. In 'Red Sky Morning' Kate finds herself in a fight for her life after the steaming party she is on is attacked by psychotic axe murderer Nathan Talbot, who kills Navy reservist Lieutenant Cliff Bailey, on attachment to Hammersley. Kate struggles when 2Dads starts a rumour that she is in an illicit affair with Pete "Buffer" Tomaszewski. In the final episode of the season 'Red Reef', Kate finds herself locked in a life or death battle with one of ET's murders, surviving in the arms of her CO.

Season FourEdit

After Mike is promoted to Commander and transferred off Hammersley, Kate is keen to pursue a relationship, but her dreams come crashing down after Mike is reassigned back to Hammersley after his replacement Lieutenant Commander Coburn is discharged following the episode 'Crocodile Tears'. Kate finds herself getting frustrated that the new buffer, Dylan "Dutchy" Mulholland gets along fine with everyone, except for her. It isn't until the two are held captive by a rogue police officer in 'Dutch Courage' that she learns that he was afraid she would be injured or worse, like his boarding officer in the Gulf.

In the episode 'Rawhide', Kate, frustrated by Mike's avoidance of commitment tells him that it is make or break time. In 'Live Catch' Kate is accidentally sprayed in the face with cyanide and is almost sexually assaulted after a boarding goes awry. In the final episode, 'In Too Deep', Kate is again placed in command after Mike goes MIA and is presumed dead. When she is confronted with his killer, she nearly kills him, but while regaining composure, investigates a noise to find Mike alive, but bound and gagged. Joyfully, she kisses him, which is seen by Dutchy, but he does not comment.