Peter Tomaszewski


Peter 'Pete' Tomaszewski








Petty Officer


Boatswain / Bosun

Known Relatives

Mother (deceased) Monica (girlfriend)

Portrayed by

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor

First appearance

Welcome Aboard

Last appearance

Red Reef

Peter Tomaszewski is the Bosun on board HMAS Hammersley. As senior seaman he's also known as Buffer.

Personal lifeEdit

In season one he competes with ET for Nikki's (Nav) affections. Eventually Nav chooses ET. Buffer's mother is revealed to have terminal cancer in season two. He is distracted by a call from the hospital and Spider and Bomber go overboard without him noticing. He speaks to his mother one more time over the phone and is informed that she died prior to their rescue. When Buffer spots a mercenary on shore leave he is trapped in a shipping container. The container is transported to the staging post of the mercenaries and Buffer manages to make it to land. He spies on the mercenary camp but is discovered when his phone rings. He manages to get a message to the Hammersley via his girlfriend before he is captured. Ray Walsman orders him to be killed and buried. The mercenary tasked with killing him forces Buffer to dig the grave. Eventually he attacks the mercenary with the shovel and manages to knock him unconscious. The Hammersley search party arrives in time to convince him not to kill the mercenary with the shovel.

At the end of season three, Pete transfers off Hammersly, presumably to take another navy posting.


In Order of Precedence

Australian Active Service Medal < Australian Active Service Medal

INTERFET Medal ribbon < International Force East Timor Medal

Australian Service Medal < Australian Service Medal

Defence Long Service Medal < Defence Long Service Medal

Australian Defence Medal < Australian Defence Medal