Rebecca Brown


Rebecca Brown








Able Seaman


Chef/Assistant Medic

Known Relatives

Unnamed Mother, Unnamed Father, Abbey(adopted sister) Leo Kosov-Meyer (ex-boyfriend)

Portrayed By

Kirsty Lee Allan

First Appereance

The Dogs of War

Last Appereance

In Too Deep

Rebecca Brown is a young Navy sailor who became the new chef of the new Armidale-class HMAS Hammersley when the previous chef, Toby Jones left after the decommissioning of the Fremantle-class Hammersley.

Personal lifeEdit

When Bomber started out on the ship, she realised that she had made good friends in RO and Spider. But Spider, who secretly likes her, kept on annoying her and soon she lost her temper. When the ship was doing a boarding drill organised by Buffer, Spider pushed her too far, over a minor incident about chips, and she nearly pushed him off the boat. Buffer and Swain stopped him from falling overboard. Her short temper caused Buffer to threaten her with disciplinary action. Spider refused to accept her initial apology. Bomber redeemed herself later, when she and Spider were trapped below deck on a ship used to smuggle venomous snakes. Bomber remained calm and devised a plan for them to escape. After this incident Spider accepted her apology and Buffer decided not to follow through on his threat, provided she kept her temper in check. On Bomber's 21st bithday, she and Spider fall overboard while Buffer is distracted by his mother's terminal illness. Bomber takes charge and keeps calm, while trying to calm down the panicked Spider, using their uniforms as makeshift flotation devices. Because Buffer did not notice their absence it takes the crew of the Hammersley too long to notice they're gone. Before the Hammersley finds them Bomber spots a pleasure boat and they are rescued, only to realise that the boat is transporting an escaped criminal, the drug dealer Liam McClean. They manage to hide their identities (as Naval personnel) from McClean and his two accomplices until a radio broadcast asking for assistance in search and rescue of two navy sailors. When the boat is spotted by the search party, the Hammersley come to investigate. Bomber manages to leave her bracelet on the deck, but XO does not recognize it until she returns to the Hammersley and sees the ship's video-log. The Hammersley then head back to the boat with the aim of rescuing them. Bomber and Spider try to escape (with the help of the ship-owner's wife) but McClean spots them and forces Bomber to take him to the plane. The Hammersley manages to prevent the plane from landing and she and Spider are rescued. During the hostage event she reveals to Spider that she and her mother were not on speaking terms and she later talks about her mother to Buffer as if they were on good terms. Later in the series, her and RO's connection grows. RO likes Bomber and she is mutually attracted to him. But they can't act on it because it's against protocol. They both share a mutual respect. Even though Bomber chides RO for being smart. In season 4 2dads and bomber share a night of passion while on shore leave. they are unsure of whether or not they are going to pursue their relationship, but while on the boat they kiss and are caught by Swain. bomber decides to get a shore posting so that she and 2dads can be together but in the 1st episode of season 5 we hear from 2dads that bomber has broken off the relationship via email.


In Order of Precedence

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