Robert Dixon Junior


Robert Dixon Junior








Leading Seaman


Radio Operator

Known Relatives

Gerald Dixon (father, deceased)

Portrayed by

Kristian Schmid

First Appearance

Welcome Aboard

Last Appearance

One Perfect Day

Robert J. Dixon is the crew member trained in communication and information systems and their maintenance and he is the ship’s link to the outside world. This means he could easily become a source of gossip, but that is not Robert’s style. If anything he is somewhat paranoid about telling anybody anything. For him, information is power and he it.


In Order of Precedence

Australian Defence Medal < Australian Defence Medal

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Life Edit

th. XO is the only officer on board the HMAS Hammersley that knows about his father's past and helped him get through the news of his death. Even to stay with him and give a speech as RO poured his father's ashes into the sea.

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Personality Edit

RO has difficulty in reading people's emotions and feelings. Often saying insensitive and blunt comments towards his colleagues.

Since RO has difficulty in understanding other people's emotions, he has often looked for advice on how to understand others from Bomber and Bird. Although he still misinterprets the advice he's given. He often misunderstood Bomber's actions of gratefulness towards him and believed she was making inappropriate advances on him. RO also found himself in a difficult predicament in trying to protect Bird from her abusive ex-boyfriend by acting more like Dutchy.

He once told 2Dads a story about how his father locked him inside of a wardrobe and left him inside there for hours when he was only 6 years old and when he finally escaped he smashed a beer bottle around his father's head when he was unconscious. He later admitted that the story was lie so he would think that RO actually understood what 2Dads was going through while he was trapped inside the submarine.