Ryan White


Ryan White










Junior Officer

Known Relatives

Maxine White (mother) Stuart White (father) Mike Flynn (biological father)

Portrayed by

Dominic Deutscher

First Appearance

The Third Man

Last Appearance

One Perfect Day

Ryan returns in Series Five as a Junior Officer Under Training, living at Navy singles accommodation and posted to Hammersley for his first rotation. While the posting stymies any chance of Ryan acting on his growing feelings for Bird , the two manage to maintain a genuine platonic friendship, which sees them lean on each other for emotional support. Ryan is there for Bird following her close call with a couple of blood-thirsty brothers and Bird supports Ryan through some difficult times. This series presents an emotional roller coaster ride for Ryan. He reconnects with his estranged father, Stuart, who is battling cancer, and undergoes a bone marrow compatibility test in the hope of providing Stuart with a lifeline. The results show that Ryan and Stuart are incompatible and Ryan later learns that his real father is not Stuart, but Mike Flynn. The revelation sends Ryan reeling. Hurt, and feeling cheated by Mike and Maxine , he leaves his posting and goes AWOL, joining a group of mercenaries engaged in the private security business and led by a charismatic father figure who Ryan strives to emulate. When things turn sour and Ryan narrowly escapes with his life, he realises that perhaps the best father figure is the one who has been there all along – Mike Flynn. !!!!!!