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5 July 2007-4 October 2007

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Sea Patrol 2: The Coup

The first season of the Australian drama Sea Patrol premiered on the Nine Network on 5 July 2007. The 13-episode season concluded 4 October 2007.

Season PlotEdit

The first season story arc involves the Australian Federal Police's investigation into the death of marine biologist Dr. Lisa Holmes, Kate's relationship with freighter Captain Rick Gallagher, Mike's relationship with Lisa's partner, Dr. Ursula Morrell, and the deaths of two fishermen, Carl Davies and Sam Murray. These threads increasingly intertwine throughout the season, culminating in the final two episodes, in which it is revealed that Gallagher hired Ursula and Lisa to manufacture a deadly toxin from a unusual toxic, venomous crab that he planned to sell on the black market. The plot is thwarted, the boat carrying the poison is sunk, Gallagher is killed and Ursula's death is staged as she enters a witness protection program.

Main CastEdit

Actor Character Rank Position
Ian Stenlake Mike "CO" Flynn Lieutenant-Commander Commanding Officer
Lisa McCune Kate "XO" McGregor Lieutenant Executive Officer
Saskia Burmeister Nikki "Nav" Caetano Lieutenant Navigator
John Batchelor Andy "Charge" Thorpe Chief Petty Officer Chief Engineer
Matthew Holmes Chris "Swain" Blake Petty Officer Coxswain/Chief Medic
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor Pete "Buffer" Tomaszewski Petty Officer Boatswain
Kristian Schmid Robert "RO" Dixon Leading Seamen Radio Operator
David Lyons Josh "ET" Holiday Leading Seamen Electronics Technician
Josh Lawson Toby "Chefo" Jones Able Seamen Chef/Assistant Medic
Jay Ryan Billy "Spider" Webb Seamen Boatswain's Mate

Recurring CastEdit

Actor Character
Sibylla Budd Dr. Ursula Morrell
Steve Bisley Commander Steven 'Steve' Marshall
Morgan O'Neill Lieutenant Darryl Smith
Christopher Stollery Federal Agent Gregory 'Greg' Murphy
Martin Lynes Richard 'Rick' Gallagher
Tye Harper Seaman John 'Jaff' Jaffah
Pearl Tan Federal Agent Alicia Turnball


# Title Plot
1 Welcome Aboard Executive Officer Lieutenant Kate McGregor and Bosun's Mate Spider Webb are on their first patrol aboard HMAS Hammersley.
2 What Lies Beneath When HMAS Hammersley runs into a submerged buoy equipped with a sophisticated transponder unit, two crew members narrowly escape death and the ship gets involved in a hunt for a murderous gang of drug smugglers
3 Ghost of Things Past In the middle of a vicious storm the Hammersley nearly collides with a deserted yacht.
4 Irukandji Pursuing pirates, the Hammersley rescues a family in distress. Chefo falls foul to a denizen of the deep and a life is lost.
5 Under the Radar The chase to apprehend an illegal shark fin fishing boat is fraught with frustration and danger for the crew of the Hammersley.
6 Precious Cargo When a shipping container is found to contain refugees, the Hammersley races against time to hunt down the smugglers' ship and rescue its cargo of human beings.
7 Rescue Me The Hammersley confronts a series of new menaces in the northern waters... pirates, toxic crabs, and a gorgeous solo yachtswoman with a rescue fetish.
8 Through the Storm The crew of Hammersley race to rescue children missing in a cyclone as Spider battles a personal storm of his own.
9 Under the Hammer When the Hammersley loses its mascot bad luck dogs the boat. Mike feels the heat, literally.
10 Damage Control Mike pursues a kidnapper into a mangrove swamp with dire results.
11 Chinese Whispers HMAS Hammersley encounters a rogue vessel smuggling Conflict Diamonds to an international terror group, Swain is held hostage and it seems for a time that he will not live to see his child born.
12 Deep Water As the terrorist plot nears fruition, the Hammersley must race against time to save a boatload of potential victims from Rick Gallagher's deadly toxin.
13 Cometh the Hour Mike is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life as The Hammersley attempts to intercept the Island Trader before it escapes with its cargo of deadly toxin.